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#1 Swamp Cooler Installation Company in Colorado Springs

Comfort matters — feel cool in the comfort of your home with proper AC!

We understand that high temperatures can make your living space uncomfortable. Your home is where you go after a long day at work. Plus, with the rising costs of installing central AC units, swamp coolers have become a popular choice for many Colorado Springs dwellers.


At Solid Rock Heating & Air Conditioning LLC, we put our 8+ years of HVAC experience to work for you. We’ll find the very best unit for your household, install them, and remain on call for any repairs you may need down the line — saving you time and money in the long run.

Get Professional Swamp Cooler Services in Colorado Springs

Swamp coolers, or evaporative coolers, are excellent for maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures in dry climates such as Colorado Springs. Swamp cooler installs will provide the following top benefits for your home:

Uses 75% Less Electricity

Enjoy a significantly cooler home without the high energy costs. Our swamp coolers use up to 75% less electricity than traditional air conditioning units, giving you comfort and peace of mind when your energy bill arrives.

No Ozone Damaging Refrigerants

Protect the environment while keeping your home cool. Our swamp coolers do not use ozone-damaging refrigerants, making them a responsible choice for those concerned about their environmental impact.

Adds Moisture to the Air

Colorado Springs can be extremely dry. Our swamp coolers add the necessary moisture to your home’s atmosphere, promoting a healthier environment and alleviating symptoms of dry skin, eyes, and throat.

Fresh Air and Circulation

Our swamp coolers don’t just cool your home — they also purify your air. The fresh air flow pushes out warm air, smoke, and pollution, ensuring you and your family breathe easier in a cleaner environment.

Allows for Open Windows and Doors

No more feeling cooped up in a stuffy home! With our swamp coolers, you can enjoy the comfort of open windows and doors, allowing for fresh air and a connection with your surroundings.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Invest in a cooling solution that’s easy on your pocket both now and in the future. Swamp coolers require less maintenance than traditional AC units, saving you on regular service costs and giving you more freedom to enjoy your cool, comfortable home.


At Solid Rock Heating and Air Conditioning LLC, our expertise extends to guiding you on the right type of swamp cooler for your home. We pride ourselves on providing professional swamp cooler installation and maintenance services at an affordable cost.


As a faith-based company, we view our business as a ministry and always strive to provide an exceptional customer experience through personalized interactions, fair business practices, and honest prices. We can assist with any swamp cooler repairs, maintenance, or replacements you might need. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for the best swamp cooler services in Colorado Springs, CO.

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#1 Swamp Cooler Installation Company in Colorado Springs

We do it all, from AC repair, maintenance, and installation!

When it comes to air conditioning — we mean business. Take a look at all the services we offer in tandem with your swamp cooler installation. With Solid Rock Heating & Air Conditioning LLC, you get the full service for your AC needs!

AC Repair

Our air conditioning specialists have experience repairing central AC units, swamp coolers, mini-split systems, and more. We’ll get everything in working order, so you can return to enjoying your summer.

AC Maintenance

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is good advice for everything but your HVAC system. Yearly AC tune-ups can help us catch issues before your system is damaged beyond repair. Plus, you can expect lower utility bills and a longer lifespan for your unit.

AC Installation

Solid Rock Heating & Air Conditioning LLC has you covered whether you need to replace your old unit or are finally installing that air conditioning system you’ve been talking about for years. Contact us to learn more about our AC products and which is right for you.


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We’ll ask you about your price range for different swamp coolers on the market and confirm the best time for the installation. We’ll answer any questions you may have about the installation and give you a quote for services.

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We’ll come to your home with the proper tools to install your swamp cooler. We treat your home with respect and dignity and strive to make you comfortable with the entire AC installation process.

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Regular maintenance is key to ensure its longevity and efficient operation once your swamp cooler is installed. We offer 24/7 emergency service for any AC breakdowns.

Ready to get relief from the sweltering heat? We’re ready to help make your home comfortable with our 8+ years of HVAC experience.


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Great mechanical company that is serving the Colorado Springs area! Just like their website says; honest prices, expert service, and fair business practices. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a company that stands behind their work.

– Oleg Uchitel

Frequently Asked Questions About Swamp Cooler Installations

Before you’re ready to chat about getting a quote, you may have some questions about swamp coolers. Here are some commonly asked questions that may help you:


Install Your Colorado Springs Swamp Cooler Today 

Solid Rock Heating & Air Conditioning LLC possesses the skill and knowledge to manage all your swamp cooler requirements. Upholding our faith-based values, we commit to treating you with respect and integrity, offering fair pricing and punctuality for appointments. Reach out to us to discover more about our swamp cooler services in Colorado Springs!

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